Why OW2's PvE Fails, But TF2's MvM Succeeds



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It's come to this. Talking about OW's shortcomings...again...If only we hadn't been promised promising things for YEARS, only to have the rug pulled out from under us 3 months before the release of OW2's PvE... Twitch: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/skyminslash Minature Skymin Artwork by Opossol: 🤍twitter.com/Opossol Merchandise: 🤍teespring.com/stores/skymins-stand Patreon: 🤍🤍patreon.com/SkyminSlash Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/SkyminSlash Discord: 🤍discord.gg/skyscraper Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/skyminslash/?hl=en Steam Group: 🤍steamcommunity.com/groups/gardenofclouds Footage used: 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=aM1oKTw83ao 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=9MnkD0YNAU4 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=JlcL0ZthzWU 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=xQ9EZUEvw_o 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=G43vVavNl1w 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=Mhyvq0F6sto 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=F1CIhfaI0Hs 0:00 - 1:07 - Cold Open 1:08 - 3:00 - Introduction 3:01 - 3:34 - What is PvE? 3:35 - 6:13 - OW2's PvE & TF2 MvM 6:14 - 7:03 - Topic Clarification 7:04 - 7:22 - What makes a PvE Replayable? 7:23 - 13:15 - Variety 13:16 - 19:00 - Rewarding 19:01 - 21:09 - Accessibility 21:10 - 23:23 - Conclusion

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Why OW2's PvE Fails, But TF2's MvM Succeeds
Why OW2's PvE Fails, But TF2's MvM Succeeds
Why OW2's PvE Fails, But TF2's MvM Succeeds
Why OW2's PvE Fails, But TF2's MvM Succeeds
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2023-11-27 13:34:23

Battleborn in it's late stages, as a last ditch effort, made PvP free2play and acted similar to many other f2p then
But in this case I feel like it's the other way: it starts as a normal game you pay for and then gives a f2p alternative

Man I miss BB

2023-11-27 04:36:16

Then again ow2 is garbage on its own

2023-11-26 22:48:00

zP45q3GBhMo&t=14m35s 14:35 there’s a small chance to get a Australium version of certain weapons ( a gold skin) or a astralium frying pan by playing a paid mvm match

2023-11-26 18:41:28

because tf2 better

2023-11-25 20:01:05

AAA, yes, TF2, the game with canon pedofiles as important main characters!!! How good!

2023-11-25 07:49:33

zP45q3GBhMo&t=17m40s 17:40 If anyone would liek an example of this, the entirety of Destiny 2 can be summarized by this. To play in the competitive PvP mode, you need the most recent $80 yearly expansion. To participate in new content, you ether need the associated $80 DLC/expansion, or the associated season, which is around $15. (Note that said seasonal content, one for each set of 3-ish months, gets removed when a new expansion is released)

2023-11-24 17:36:42

Even Battleborn did a better PVE than Overwatch 2

2023-11-22 07:58:06

zP45q3GBhMo&t=1m01s 1:01 all I can to your scream is this….YEEEEEEEE EXPLODE 😂😂😂😂

2023-11-21 01:07:05

OW2 PvE failed because they gave up on it

2023-11-19 18:08:55

overwatch pve is just bare bones modern interpretation of mvm, which really speaks about game industry right now.

2023-11-19 07:49:32


2023-11-18 00:59:35

I originally liked overwatch but over time i grew well i wont lie, i just grew tired of it, yes at one point i was sorta apart of that group of tf2 people hating on overwatch (though thankfully i quickly grew out of it) now a days though i just feel bad for overwatch players, their gettint shafted by greedy people, hell when I learned ot overwatch 2 i wae actually kinda excited because i thought "hey this could be fun" but it turns out its all a lie, i feel bad for overwatch player alsp because lets be real here, stopping your old game from you know BEING ABLE TO BE PLAYED is automatically a big ass neon crimson flag flashing at levels unsafe for most eyes

2023-11-17 09:45:22

OW2 team was too busy adding 30 pride flags instead of work on proper pve

2023-11-16 21:23:46

Not watching the video but long story short it's because blizzard has been a shit company making promises backing out last second and slapping a 2 on the same game
Fuck blizzard

2023-11-12 08:39:11

Hey if you’re ever getting tired of all this overwatch let down you should really try out some deep rock galactic remember ROCK AND STONE

2023-11-12 07:16:45

To think... I wanted to buy a copy of Overwatch because it did look fun. Now that Blizzard killed both 1 and 2 of Overwatch, I get to save my money.

2023-11-10 17:06:50

Other than destiny 2, I think one of the only other games that locks content behind a paywall is Starcraft 2. They let you play the first campaign and all online modes for free, but most co-op characters and the other three singleplayer campaigns are only for purchase. Though Starcraft 2 is better about it since it does let you try out what you're buying with the experiences it provides for free.

2023-11-10 09:45:36

as much as i hate current overwatch and blizzard and all whatever. comparing it to tf2 MvM is very wierd... MvM has massive flaws not addressed in the comparison (like 30% of the upgrades not working or properly describing what they Actually do to the player) its just very tiring to see videos compare these games when there is very little similarities in 2023. it would be more apt to compare this to halo infinites story mode, as it is delivered monetarily the same way (free to play base game with paid story mode). but as you said i guess you just ranted about overwatch pve and... yeah.... same.

2023-11-05 18:54:38

Is it because MvM is full of bots?

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