I Tried Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To

Mr. Fruit

Mr. Fruit

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Overwatch 2 Season 6 just released finally introducing PVE Missions as well as a Steam release and a hose of other updates/quality of life fixes so my friends and I had to play all the Invasion Story Missions to get the full picture on what they've been cooking for so many years! Overwatch 2 Underworld Event World Record: 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=RNz6JaIs2qE Mr. Fruit Plays: 🤍Mr_Fruit_Plays Mr. Fruit Uncut: 🤍mrfruituncut More Mr. Fruit: 🤍Mr_Fruit2 Podcast: 🤍GGoverEZ_Podcast Become Awesome: 🤍bit.ly/SubscribeMrFruit ★ FRIENDS ★ Joey: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/AboutimeJoey Ruben: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/Rubensargasm Datto: 🤍DattoDoesDestiny ★ CONNECT WITH ME ★ Livestream: 🤍twitch.tv/MrFruit Discord: 🤍discord.gg/HouseFruit Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/MrFruitYT Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/mrfruitgaming/ PO BOX: Mr. Fruit PO Box 1163 Castle Rock CO 80104 #overwatch2 #gaming #funny #overwatch = I Played Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To

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I Tried Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To
I Tried Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To
I Tried Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To
I Tried Overwatch 2 PvE So You Won't Have To
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2023-10-02 10:36:26

I’ve got a theory

I think they finished all the missions for the story mode, but never completed the whole perks and builds thing, and instead of releasing it without the builds, they decided to release it as drip fed missions over a few seasons, and charge nearly as much as the campaign would have originally cost every season

2023-09-06 02:19:56

The Pve felt like a free game or should cost 2 dollars cause of the effort in it

2023-09-03 19:23:42

gotta let Datto give you the Top Mr.Fruit

2023-08-30 20:59:21

They didnt fully scrap it??
Then they used corse of a project to make this version of mode
Hmm, perfect by Blizzard standards

2023-08-28 20:37:03

I will never forgive blizzard for cancelling true PvE when it was the only reason anyone ever got overwatch 2

2023-08-26 21:19:21

My man uses more sounds effects than an episode of Johnny Test.

2023-08-26 03:08:23

yuck, 4 people that paid for the ow2 pve. but also thank you cause i was never going to buy it

2023-08-24 02:58:01

Wow I forgot how cringe overwatch dialogue can be

2023-08-23 22:46:53

Thank you for doing this so we don't have to good sir.

2023-08-23 02:06:54

All the cutscenes felt very mid to me, nothing felt like they were taking the threat seriously, every mission felt self contained, like you see in the cutscenes how you've got a bunch of the heroes there, but they disappear as soon as the game starts.

Would've been kinda nice if the missions had the same system DMC5 did, where you could look outside the boundaries of the map you're in to see the other heroes being played as AI fighting against the rest of the bots through the mission, along with some banter between those characters on how their missions are going to make the world feel bigger.

It all just feels so lazy, go fight the bullet sponge enemies till they break, break the OBJ or capture this thing or defend this spot, move to the next.
The sandbox just doesn't feel as interesting as other games with solid PVE since you're still just restricted to using abilities that clearly are better used in PVP rather then bullet sponge PVE.

Is this worth 15 bucks to me? No, could it be worth 15 to others? Sure, but what happens when you gotta pay that 15 for the other 3 missions? Will 6 missions be worth 30 bucks? You could buy a 2 or 3 damn good games with hundreds of hours of content for 30 bucks. How about 9 missions? 12? by then you'd have spent 60 dollars for this garbage, then ask yourself, was what they delivered worth the money compared to other games at that price tag?

And of course, all of this goes without saying that, you'd be paying one of the most unethical gaming developers that money, which will only tell them that they can keep getting away with this and the consumers will consume.

If Larian Studios could go through filing for bankruptcy twice and still produce games like Baldur's Gate 3, I think Blizzard is in need of financial failure so that they will have no choice but to make quality passion projects to survive like they used to, if not, fuck em.

TLDR: Content ain't good enough for plenty more reasons I can't fit in a single comment, but I still enjoyed Fruit's vid on it. 👍

2023-08-22 19:39:21

This for $15?
Better playing f2p mobile game 😂

2023-08-21 19:53:46

Hopefully this video giveyourmoney back that you wasted

2023-08-21 03:47:48

aa5y6vwb4P8&t=21m42s 21:42 is bobby really the dude in charge or to blame of all this?

2023-08-19 23:08:03

Is it just me or is it like a worse Titan fall campaign

2023-08-19 21:51:13

Out of all story missions I think Toronto was the best. The more diverse choice of cast the better.

2023-08-19 21:22:51

I think the first video of yours was Overwatch symmetra gameplay I stayed ever since lol

2023-08-19 11:25:45

I think its still far too short for the amount of money it costs...if you can beat all the story missions in 1 hour, and they cost 15 bucks??? Id just buy a movie ticket instead, for twice the value.

Or hell buy a new game at 60 bucks, and get like 40 hours out of it, which comes out to alot less price-per-hour.

2023-08-19 01:30:49

$15?? WTF??

2023-08-18 15:44:52

People who started on Expert mode must've felt like they were doing day 1 Root of Nightmares

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