How to make SUPER SMOOTH Gameplay Videos for YouTube Montages / Edits! (TURN 60FPS INTO 240FPS)



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In this video I teach you how to make the smoothest gameplay video footage for your gaming montages and edits. Using these methods allows you to make 144 / 240 fps / hz super smooth video and upload it to YouTube! Using applications like Flowframes (AI video interpolation) and plugins like RSMB this effect can be easily created and make your standard 60fps gameplay hyper smooth. Techniques like this are used by a variety of gaming montage creators like Connorjaiye, Ethos, Nowack, Ladiff and Frogling. The first method is completely free as you can use any editing software that supports frame blending like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, Hitfilm and Filmora. These techniques can also be used for any kind of clips even in other games such as Fortnite, Counter Strike (CS:GO), Call of Duty, PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) etc. Let me know any other videos you would like to see in the comments section! Get the software featured in this video: Adobe Premiere Pro (PAID LINK)* - 🤍 Join my Patreon - 🤍🤍 SUBSCRIBE - 🤍🤍 Join my discord server! - 🤍 Download Flowframes - 🤍 RE Vision Effects RSMB - 🤍 Follow me on my other socials! Instagram - 🤍🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍🤍🤍rocklanvl Twitch - 🤍🤍 TUTORIALS PLAYLIST - 🤍🤍 Hudless Valorant clips pack - 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Method #1 (Free) 09:52 Method #2 (Paid) 13:06 Outro LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF THE VIDEO WAS HELPFUL! #valorant #valorantmontage #valorantedit *DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links. This means if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, you will be supporting the channel with a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

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How to make SUPER SMOOTH Gameplay Videos for YouTube Montages / Edits! (TURN 60FPS INTO 240FPS)
How to make SUPER SMOOTH Gameplay Videos for YouTube Montages / Edits! (TURN 60FPS INTO 240FPS)
How to make SUPER SMOOTH Gameplay Videos for YouTube Montages / Edits! (TURN 60FPS INTO 240FPS)
How to make SUPER SMOOTH Gameplay Videos for YouTube Montages / Edits! (TURN 60FPS INTO 240FPS)
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-18 09:13:33

hey what free softowere can i use?

2023-11-14 16:14:47

What is the price of RSMB?

2023-11-14 04:47:52

How do i upload it in full quality?

On my pc it looks smooth and very good quality

But when i upload it i cant even read the small text anymore and it doesn’t look smooth anymore

2023-10-29 13:46:21

bro is recording at midnight 💀

2023-10-26 04:00:23

hey rocklan, im getting my 240 vid with flowframes, through what program can you insert an audio track without losing FPS?

2023-10-22 23:39:32

recording settings for good quality?

2023-10-17 03:05:22

and whats ur reason for upscaling frames if yt only catches 60

2023-10-16 03:39:47

for me the frames are at 0?

2023-10-10 00:07:50

anyone has a method to give some smoothness in filmora??

2023-10-08 02:01:46


2023-10-06 22:54:52

Another good tipo for people with good or recent GPUs is to record on OBS at higher FPS like 120 and have the same results while having less work to do. I noticed if you render 9 min gameplay with the frame sampling and h264 the render time is just 2 minutes, frame blending 4 or 5 and optical flow over 9, which is still a good render time. (i'm using rtx 4060 which is a entry gpu). I don't think its worth uploading higher FPS videos to youtube unless using for those awesome fragmovie edits, sometimes I upload tutorials at 90fps and its smooth too but I don't think people will notice haha

2023-09-26 05:35:11

Blud add motion blur and call it 120 fps

2023-09-23 01:12:42

i dont think bro realizes that humans eyes can only perceive up to 60 fps

2023-09-21 21:43:36

me barely seeing a difference lol nice tutorial tho!

2023-09-17 02:36:29

Does work at all the app keep giving error like "Ran out of Vram" "Failed to extract frame" and more i have a rtx 3090

2023-09-14 18:22:43

thank you so much bro ur the goat 🔥

2023-09-14 16:23:08

thank you bro

2023-09-09 12:57:22

I usually record videos at 120 hz but when i used flowframes it took 6 hours to render from 120hz to 240hz.

2023-09-07 00:39:36

You are a legend. Thanks!

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