Blizzard Cancel Overwatch 2 PVE Mode Development, Disillusioned Players React



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Blizzard Cancel Overwatch 2 PVE Mode Development, Disillusioned Players React
Blizzard Cancel Overwatch 2 PVE Mode Development, Disillusioned Players React
Blizzard Cancel Overwatch 2 PVE Mode Development, Disillusioned Players React
Blizzard Cancel Overwatch 2 PVE Mode Development, Disillusioned Players React
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2023-11-16 14:36:37

The only reason i made an OW 2 accpunt wa to have a second PvE game to play. Good thing i didnt go too deep into the current OW2 seeing how shit went south for it

2023-11-07 01:02:57

Why is the state of gaming like this 😞

2023-09-19 22:25:44

They had 4 years!

2023-07-23 16:04:16

Your background makes you look like a hoarder lol

2023-07-02 17:23:53

So it turns out cancelling PVE was never the plan. It was confirmed that PVE is coming out at the start of season 6. Blizzard dropped one feature, and people acted as if PVE wasn't coming at all because of it, which isn't true. The only downside is that it's paywalled.

2023-06-26 22:28:04

as far I'm concerned Overwatch has always been a lie, think about ever since the 1st cinematic trailer came out on 2014 with the hero's & villains fighting each other in the museum, than all the character intros & lore vids that came after that you get the sense that the world is in turmoil once again and it is up to Overwatch to reassemble and save the world even though the world has turned it's back on them they still fight on because they know it's the right thing to do. The came 24th May 2016 all see is PvP, PvP & more PvP and no story mode as the trailers implied, I don't play games that are solely PvP it's the biggest reason I choose Gearbox's Battleborn over this, sure the game was reparative & short lived I still enjoyed & loved the game. If your gonna make a hero battle royal game than you should show us that in the trailers don't show us one thing and give us another completely different game. So when I heard that Overwatch 2 is coming out with a story mode I was looking forward to it but then it get's cancelled, ah well there are plenty of over game that deserve my time, energy & attention.

2023-06-11 19:47:57

Yeah, they probably should've left all that PvE progression, talent trees and storybased co-op play to another company. Stick to PvP. It's not like they know how to make a game like World of Warcraft or the Diablo series . . .

2023-06-07 19:47:42

It kinda sucks that they decided to scrap the idea of the PVE mode. The one thing that would I would've--- nay, I say a lot of people wanted to try out and play. We wanted to explore the world and now they just ripped it out. It's kinda funny at the same time, cause there was one other game that came out a little too try hardy but at least it had a campaign with it and it was Battleborn.

2023-06-05 03:09:19 doesn't change the fact that the day OW2 was released, they completely shut down the servers for OW1....forcing people to purchase OW2 just to continue playing it.

2023-06-04 14:48:43

People are sick of this stuff. Hopefully customers stop rewarding these companies with their money.

2023-06-04 01:54:32

Look, when we look at the track record of Overwatch, it's evident that its popularity has never been built on a compelling story mode. The game skyrocketed to success based on its addictive multiplayer experience, intense team battles, and strategic gameplay. Just take a look at the massive esports scene surrounding Overwatch, with professional players, tournaments, and a dedicated fanbase. That's where the action is!

And let's not forget about the constant updates and improvements they make to the multiplayer components. The developers are always on their toes, fine-tuning the balance, introducing new heroes, and creating exciting maps to keep players engaged. They know what they're doing.

On the other hand, the single-player games landscape is changing. The industry is shifting towards multiplayer experiences and live service games that offer ongoing content and engagement. The days of lengthy single-player campaigns with limited replayability are numbered. Players crave the social interaction, competition, and shared experiences that multiplayer games provide.

So, it's not just an opinion; it's a reflection of the industry trends and player preferences. Overwatch 2 should embrace its multiplayer strengths, invest in enhancing the multiplayer modes, and continue to captivate players with its fast-paced action. The evidence and credibility are there, showing that story mode isn't a make-or-break aspect for Overwatch's success. Let's focus on what really matters and make Overwatch 2 the ultimate multiplayer extravaganza!

2023-06-03 21:44:28

I really don't think Blizzard should encourage their staff to talk about their "values" considering what Blizzard's company values turned out to be...

2023-06-03 02:05:03

And they are still hype for the upcoming Diablo lol, i say let them suffer, they deserved it.

2023-06-02 02:30:25

Never played the game but i guess maybe they cant create a pve as good or better than Mann vs Machine of TF2.

2023-06-01 00:08:39

Darn, who ever is still giving money to A/B are suckers. Good job gamer Nation. Smh

2023-05-31 19:48:56

Odd how my preferred PvE fix will continue be StarCraft 2's Coop mode. A Blizzard game that back in Oct. 2020 was announced will get no more new content!

2023-05-31 15:02:21

This IMO is worse then Cyberpunk! At least Cyberpunk released their broken and buggy mess. Heck! They cut the planned mutiplayer to make room for bug fixing and optimization etc. Blizzard just cut the majority of their game right out. They lied to consumers, who dont even get a complete product at the end of it all.

2023-05-31 14:42:12

I hope Crowbcat makes a scathing video outta this.

2023-05-31 14:40:55

This is what happens when gamers normalize preordering, awful launches and early access.

They make some noise but still open their wallets and once the suits realized they don't have to do as much and still get away with it, things like these become inevitable.

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