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Install Hero Wars for FREE here ✅ : 🤍 and get a super chest with a secret hero! 🔥 Available for the next 30 days only! To this day people still lament over Archeage perhaps more so than any other MMO in the past decade but why? What was so special about this tab targeting Korean MMORPG that it evokes feelings of nostalgia, frustration and anger whenever it’s brought up? Well, the truth is Archeage was special For an MMO that released back in 2014 this game had a tonne of unique features not previously seen in other MMOs at the time, A massive explorable ocean with giant sea monster world bosses and ship vs ship pvp naval battles Trade runs where players could become pirates, PK you and steal your trade packs for their own profit A crime and punishment system where you could become a criminal and go to court to face a player jury potentially getting sent to jail Real space player housing with farming The freedom to plant illegal tree farms anywhere in the world A combo-based tab targeting system And top-notch graphics for its time by MMO standards In this video we revisit Archeage and meme on the game a bit as we do with all games in this KEKW MMORPG series. What do you think about Archeage? Was this Korean Tab Targeting MMORPG a game that has the potential to take the MMO genre by storm? or did Trion World and XL Games ruin Archeage with Pay To Win, constant fresh start servers and Archeage Unchained? let me know in the comments below! -Links- ► Twitch TV: 🤍🤍​​​... ► Facebook: 🤍🤍​ ► TikTok: 🤍🤍🤍thelazypeon​ ► Twitter: 🤍​ ► Instagram Personal: 🤍🤍​ ► Instagram Gaming: 🤍🤍​ ► Edited By: 🤍🤍​​​​​​ Archeage Steam Description A vast open-world sandbox MMORPG with everything you can possibly imagine. On Nuia lives those in harmony with nature through their firm belief in the love of the Goddess Nui. On Harihara, those filled with the spirit of the Goddess labor to shape nature itself. These two continents are where our story begins. Cut across vast expanses of land on a horse or a snow lion. Board a ship and trade across the great and mighty ocean. Search far and wide for hidden treasures. There is a conspiracy that is lurking in the shadows of this world. Will you be the one to stop it from coming to fruition? Whether you are training your cannons on an enemy ship or bombarding enemy castle ramparts with a siege engine, you will be uncovering the secrets of the awakening lands, the Lost Continent, and its former denizens. So, revive the legacy of Delphinad, the greatest city ever to exist. Retrace the tracks left by the ancient heroes and gods who had no choice but to travel to the Lost Continent to destroy it. ArcheAge is home to six major races: the spiritual Nuians, secretive Elves, and crafty Dwarves share the western continent, while the nomadic Firran, cunning Harani, and fearsome Warborn inhabit the continent to the east. Explore 6 unique races with 364 possible class combinations built from 14 skillsets. Loose ties connect the neighboring races, but allegiances are fluid, forever complicated by the whims of pirate factions sailing, trading, and pillaging at will. Gliders, Mounts, Ships, and Trade Ride and glide on mounts to quickly explore the continent. Want to go up on top of mountain peaks? Try using Gliders. Want to explore other continents across the seas? Build ships and set sail. There are no limits to where you can go in ArcheAge. Walk on your feet, ride a donkey, or drive vehicles to explore and trade throughout the continents. Battle for you, your guild, and your faction In ArcheAge, you can battle on the ground, the seas, or even in the air. There are no limits. Defeat monsters with your unique set of skills, and conquer all sort of dungeons. You can also glide and fight in the air on your glider. Craft siege gear and use it to lead your side to victory in wars. Enter Auroria with your Guild, build castles, and push opposing factions away to expand your grounds. Craft various ships such as rowboats, battle clippers, and schooners to set sail on sea. Protect your schooner from pirates. There's also a chance you may run into Kraken, the hidden foe of the sea, so be on guard. Housing, Farming, Guild You'll always have some good neighbors around your home. Help each other build up the community and make your neighborhood flourish! -Tags- Archeage Archeage Unchained Open World Sailing Gallion Sea Monster Boss World Boss 2022 Archeage Trailer Archage 2 Arcage How To Archeage should you play archeage archage guide archage build archage raid archage dungeon thelazypeon mmorpg mmo pvp pve player housing plot farming gold making fishing lineage ArcheAge KEKW 🤍

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ArcheAge KEKW
ArcheAge KEKW
ArcheAge KEKW
ArcheAge KEKW
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2023-11-17 23:24:30

What killed Archeage was them putting timers on the packs. Half the people playing quit the moment they did that (all the pirates) and I quit farming because they didn't allow enough time to get packs to buyer before they started loser value.. Timer on packs was a game killer.

2023-11-06 16:36:55

I truly miss this game will all my heart

2023-10-21 05:22:44

one of my favorite game ... Archeage

2023-10-05 20:21:20

Trion recognized the smash hit and figured they could keep milking the wallets of players chasing the wet dream that is a fresh archeage server

2023-10-04 13:13:50

Archeage was truly special for it's time.

2023-09-23 10:27:24

if anyone really still wants to play archeage, theres a new private server which has moderators banning alts and rmt and also removing the p2w. The guild tea time for kittens right from this video is also there which is quite insane. Its called archeage classic if anyone feels like checking it out

2023-09-22 06:36:50

archeage had the roots to be the best mmorpg ever, and we all saw the blood leak out of it until it died.....

2023-09-19 15:23:18

I really loved this game, had a great guild and really got into it. Was so fun just sailing with guild mates, shooting the sh*t on your boat looking out for pirates on your way to trade your packs. I had two prime houses and ample farmland but damn, my account was hacked and robbed blind maybe...3-4 times back to back to back until I just gave up. It was good timing because thats when pay-2-win was just starting to get really bad but damn...such a wasted opportunity. Hope Archeage 2 is better.

2023-09-17 02:36:07

'Archeage and Knuckles' when?

2023-09-10 11:32:16

This game feels like a the-one-that-got-away type of relationship. Something that you really love but needed to let go.

2023-08-20 19:22:01

fk i miss archeage

2023-08-08 07:33:39

Get on Archeage Classic!

2023-08-01 08:18:30

I remember that they added "Thunderstruck Tree" to the cash-shop, around 3 months after release.
That killed my whole economy and made me quit the game.

2023-07-30 17:30:14


2023-07-29 18:48:18

Archeage Classic launching Aug 4th...not a fresh start server. Vanilla server no p2w and strict no alts policy. Adjusted labor system for casuals to remain competitive.

2023-07-21 15:54:00

Archeage Classic private server dropping Aug 4th. Can the devs actually recreate AA beta/pre 3.0 magic with no p2w? I hope so...couldnt be bothered to play any of the other p2w private servers.

2023-07-18 16:36:03

Should look into archeage classic! It is all we ever wanted!

2023-07-18 00:52:54

This was the greatest game i have ever played.

2023-07-10 16:57:14

archeage was aamzing during its launch. the graphic is wonderful. when i started, i just spend time delivering trade pack with donkey, but then i joined a guild which explained to me many stuff. farm hauler, continent trading, farming, etc. i've never seen a game with jury system, naval PvP and pack stealing like archeage. The first bad sign is when they launch auroria, with half of the server blocked, and trion refuse to rollback. it was already bad with archeum+mining bots running rampant, illegal APEX on auction, land grabber software, dupe, etc. however auroria was the first sign of trion incompetence.

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